You have just taken the first step in making a positive change in your life or in the life of someone close to you. Choosing to see a therapist can be one of the most important decisions in your life journey. I provide a safe, nurturing, and trusting environment that has helped transform relationships and families for over 12 years.

In my therapy sessions, you can expect to have an empathetic listener, who does not pass judgment on your lifestyle, choices, or your past. You will find compassionate dedication and attention to the difficulties you are currently experiencing. I will encourage you to discover new insights, problem-solving techniques, communication skills, and to search out new talents and passions.

I believe that many people find themselves depressed, anxious, lonely, and desperate for change because they have neglected their strengths. When recognized, our strengths, passions, and talents can be powerful healing tools. I use Congnitive Behavioral techniques, which are based on the idea that our thoughts can contribute to negative feelings and behaviors. External things like people, situations, and events are not the only factors controlling our sense of well being.

Free Phone Consultation

If you have any questions, please fill out the contact information below to set up your phone consultation. A phone consultation can often ease nerves and help you understand what you would like to gain from therapy. After gathering your information, we can determine if my services will be the best fit for your needs and goals. I look forward to speaking with you.

16585 Pacific Coast Highway
Sunset Beach, CA 90742


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